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Port-A-Guard Maxi

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Port-a-guard Maxi is our latest addition to the range. With a standard opening of 6.7 metres, the Maxi takes the Port-a-guard range to a new level of versatility. With an increased height, reduced gap between the floor and the bottom of the barrier and smaller opening size between the slats, the Maxi offers an even greater level of security and safety.
A combination of aluminium slats, galvanised slide components and stainless steel fixings means the Maxi is suited to both indoor or outdoor applications.
Port-a-guard Maxi comes standard with 4 heavy duty swivel castors, and centrally fixed dolly wheels for ease of movement from one location to another.
Alternatively Maxi can be wall mounted at one end and rolled out as required with minimal effort.

Value Features
  • Increased height
  • Complete with heavy duty castors
  • Non-corrosive construction for outdoor use
  • Extended end posts
  • Increased safety and security due to reduced opening sizes
  • Can be linked together to form a continuous barrier
  • Easily transported by one person


Description:Portable expanding barrier.
Material: Slats & posts - extruded aluminium
Slide guides - Hot dipped galvanised steel.
Assembly fittings - Stainless steel
Finish: Natural aluminum.
Dimensions: BPGM140
Height (open): 1430 mm from ground to top of slats.
Width: Open- 6.7 metre.
Closed- 580 mm.
Weight: 32.2 kgs.

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Product SKU Description Price Order
Port-A-Guard Maxi BPGM110

1130mm x 6m

Product SKU Description Price Order
Port-A-Guard Maxi BPGM140

1430mm x 6.7m


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