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Dock Bumpers

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The perfect way to protect your loading bays

Often buildings can suffer repeated impacts when trucks reverse in loading bays. Over time these impacts can cause costly damages.

The standard and heavy duty, steel faced rubber dock bumper, is designed to protect buildings under normal conditions, where bumpers are required they have three roles:

  • Absorb the shock when vehicles arrive at dock with thick rubber.
  • Spread the pressure of the impact over a wider surface with its large steel surface
  • Resist wear caused by the friction of the vehicle against the buffer as it moves up & down during loading/unloading.

What’s more the solidity and size of our standard & heavy bumpers encourages drivers to adopt a lighter approach when reversing in the docks.


The steel cover wraps around the dock – avoiding any possibility that the truck might catch the top of the bumper while lowering. The steel covers spring back into shape after the shock. Assembly by vulcanisation – parts are un-separable. They have a slim profile.

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