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Dock Seals

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Dock door seals are pads mounted around the perimeter of a loading dock door. When the pads are compressed by a truck backing up to the door, they form an effective seal to prevent the loss of heat or cool air and eliminate the entry of vermin, wind, rain, dust, and fumes into the loading dock area.

The seals are factory assembled and mounted to standard 14-gauge galvanised steel mounting pans around the perimeter of the door opening. The seals fit snugly into the mounting pans and is fastened using self drilling “tek” screws.

The seals are 250mm deep x 300mm wide and ideally they should be positioned to allow approx. 20-30mm of crush when a trailer is at the dock. Adequate steelwork is required to support the seals around the perimeter of the doorway.

There are three types of compression & basic door seals  

Fixed head door seal - Code F. Fixed head dock seal is optionally available with a follower curtain hanging from the top seal.

Adjustable head door seal - Code A.

All pads are equipped with air vents to minimise possible rupture of pad covers when compressed.  They also have high abrasion resistant, vinyl-coated, nylon pad covers with a reinforcing second front layer providing added protection at the truck contact point & full-length guide stripes, 100mm wide.

Truck shelter seal - Code T.

Colour is standard black with yellow vertical stripes to assist truck positioning

Pad cover: High abrasion resistant vinyl-coated nylon with a reinforcing second front layer providing added protection at the truck contact point. Full-length guide stripes 100mm wide.

There are also Inflatable Air Seals - Code Tretight.

When compliance with food handling regulations is mandatory, Inflatable Air Seals provide the most universally effective seal for a wide range of vehicles.

Tretight inflatable dock seals are far superior to any other seals on the market. They use an industrial duty 3phase blower to inflate the seals after docking and prior to truck departure. The high capacity blower ensures that the seals push hard against the perimeter of the truck when inflated. Side seals and head seals meet perfectly to fully enclose and seal the truck. When deflated, a unique counterweight system pulls the seals away from the truck perimeter to eliminate damage.


By integrating the Smart Chock or our Safety Signal stop/go lights with interlinking controls to the warehouse door, safety issues such as premature departure, and warehouse environment integrity control is assured. Customers use inflatable air seals to give maximum energy savings.

Ask our Sales Facilitators for details on door seals.

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