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Pallet Exchanger Tilter

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What do Pallet Tilters do?

With the move to have hygienic pallets used in the food & pharmaceutical industries, these devices are invaluable & effortless aids where products have to be moved from wooden pallets to hygienic plastic pallets & would have to be normally restacked by hand. They are used for the rotation of pallet loads where exchange of pallets or inversion of product is required. A pallet 2000kg capacity  tilter puts an end to manual intervention therefore eliminating the injury risk whilst significantly increasing cycle times and productivity.

How do Pallet Exchanger Tilters work?

They consist of a fixed base frame with a tilting frame incorporating a “no crush” retractable platen that automatically lowers onto the top of the load to prevent spillage when tilted. The two sided tilting pallet booth is configured so that the side walls incline to form a V as the booth tilts. When the exchange unit is fully tilted the booth floor automatically rotates back to floor level so the pallet can be safely and simply exchanged by pallet jack or forklift at floor level. All the functions of the tilters can  be controlled by an on-board PLC controller in the case of a forklift  or when using a pallet jack the operator needs only to press one button to initiate a full cycle.

Benefits of a Pallet Tilter over a Pallet Inverter

Pallets may be loaded or unloaded with either forklifts or hand pallet trucks where it is imperative to create a “forklift free” zone. The pallet tilter significantly decreases cycle times, with productivity up to 15-20 pallets/hour. The hydraulically actuated “soft” clamp mechanism allows the top layer to be non symmetrical (it could, for instance, have only 1 carton on the top layer). This is not achievable with a pallet inverter as it would be crushed and the load would also dislodge.

Safety guards to 1, 2, or 3 sides & photo eye light beam across opening must be supplied with these tilters. This package is available from us, as is remote control units if used by forklift operators. This package is available from us & remote control units are also available if used by forklift operators. Additional remotes may also be ordered for this system.

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