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Store Smart Dock Scissor Hoists

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Store Smart Dock Hoists provide a safe and efficient means of transferring loads between dock, truck

and floor levels. There are various configurations available to suit all requirements.


Flush Pit Mounted Dock Scissor Hoists are used if there is no elevated dock.


Face Mount Dock Scissor Hoists or Recessed Dock Scissor Hoists are the answer for those circumstances with an elevated dock.


Face Mount Dock Scissor Hoist is the solution if there is an existing elevated dock or the subsurface conditions dictate that a pit is not feasible.


Depending on the actual site conditions and requirements, the Dock Scissor Hoist platform is fitted with handrails or boom gates and manual or powered bridge plates (Load Lips) to bridge the gap between the end of the truck and the platform. Movement of the Dock Scissor Hoist up or down, as required, is done at the press of a button without exertion and requiring only minimal training.

Store Smart Dock Scissor Hoists are manufactured in a range of sizes & permutations to suit the general conditions of transport in Australia. It is most likely that an ideal unit can be specified, engineered, manufactured and installed to suit any existing and planned future requirements.

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