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Flex Impact - Overview

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Introducing the original polymer barrier system - Flex Impact!

As one of the most innovative safety barrier systems ever, Flex Impact is proving to be a number one solution in barrier protection and traffic/pedestrian segregation. It's so innovative that it effectively makes conventional steel barriers obsolete. Flex Impact (designed and constructed by Boplan) protects people, profits, work forces, machinery, buildings and vehicles.  


The success of Flex Impact lies in its unique modular construction.  Made from polymer-based materials, it is completely different from traditional steel systems (which simply dent or crumples when a vehicle hits it).  On the contrast, Flex Impact barrier systems spring back into shape upon any collision, as they are highly shock absorbent! Naturally, this greatly reduces the need for damage repairs, both to the barrier and to the vehicle itself. It is a principle that the many industries have adopted, due to long-term cost savings with reduced maintenance and replacement.

Tested and certified against the strictest standards of safety, Flex Impact offers robust protection.  There is really nothing like it as it was the first system of its kind - hence the term 'original',  An impact resistant, flexible and intuitive system, Flex Impact rids organisations of potential pedestrian and traffic collisions and protects work environments from the outset in.  What is most unique about this system is its ability to return to its original appearance and shape after any collision or crash!


Safety First!

The yellow and black colour scheme of Flex Impact enables both pedestrians and drivers to see the system at a glance and clearly identify safe working zones.  Flex Impact comes in a range of colours (depending on the model) and each construction is in a solid finish, so repainting or maintenance is never required.  All products are tested and certified to the strictest health and safety guidelines and standards.  What's more, is that they leave a much lower carbon footprint than steel barriers.


What a Range!

Flex Impact offers a comprehensive line-up of products including pedestrian and forklift separation barriers, bollards, rack protection barriers, handrails and access gates.  However, Flex Impact is far more than just a range of products. It's a full consultancy, advice and back-up service, developed to ensure that you have the right product for the right application.


1. Handrails

2. Safety Barriers and Guardrails

3. Bollards

4. Rack Protection (featuring the innovative RackBull)
5. Traffic Barrier Systems (including traffic and pedestrian separation)

6. Column and Corner Protection

7. Safety Gates

And much, much more!

Contact us today about Flex Impact and we'll happily send you some more information and a brochure! Email 

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