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LogiMat® Vertical Storage Lift

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Our LogiMat® Vertical Storage Lift unit maximises storage capacity and high volume picking performance. This solution is perfect for situations where parts need to be stored or picked in a ergonomic and efficient way.

The LogiMat® Vertical Storage Lift has many advantages, some of which include:

  • Compared to conventional storage solutions, it saves up to 90% in storage space. Its robust and modular design allows users to adapt the construction to their own individual requirements.
  • The compact design reduces costs for energy and extra storage requirements.
  • Increases picking speed by 60%.
  • Reduces travel time by more than 70%.
  • Its computer-controlled processes minimise picking errors.
  • Performance is increased by 20% thanks to the unit’s ergonomic and tough construction.
  • The unit is available in any customised height and width.

A LogiMat® Vertical Storage Lift system is similar to an oversized drawer cabinet with two stacks in the front and rear of the tray component. The LogiMat® features a lift ability that pulls out individual trays when required. This delivers products straight to the service window, bringing the ‘goods-to-man’. Staff can then remove the picked items with ease and at a height that is comfortable to the user (no operator stress is caused). The fully-equipped storage package has step-less, adjustable access openings and incline devices on each tray for ergonomic and efficient operation.

Why choose the LogiMat® Vertical Storage Lift?

This is an extremely user-friendly and durable device. Its flexible and effective nature allows it to combine smoothly with any of the SSI product range. Futhermore, it offers much more space benefits, potential room for extensions and customisation of components. The LogiMat® device also features sophisticated SPS control – combine this with our LogiSoft software and you have seamless integration in any warehouse management system.

Options Available

  • LogiTilt: The retrieved tray tilts and presents itself to the operator for easy selection of contents.
  • LogiLift: An ergonomic option where the tray lifts/lowers depending on the operators selected height.
  • LogiPoint: This option features a laser to help identify the exact position of an item, making retrieval quick and easy.

Any of the options mentioned above are available in any combination. Make an enquiry to one of our sales facilitators today to get the best solution for your needs.

To see a video on the amazing LogiMat® click here.

Contact us today for a copy of our LogiMat® Vertical Storage Lift Brochure. 

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