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Hydrocarbon Spill Stations

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Prevent dangerous hydrocarbons (oils/fuels) from damaging the environment. These on site spill response solutions meet EPA requirements and are available in 150lt, 400lt and 770lt capacities. They will absorb all known oils, gasoline, diesel, avgas and solvents but not water. They will absorb oil and fuel from water surfaces and can absorb 20 times their weight in oil.
All are supplied in highly visible, durable mobile bins with a laminated instruction sheet, weather resistant kit cap and wall locator sticker.
Full or part refills are available for all kits.
The 400lt capacity kit is designed to handle spills from punctured 205litre drums.
Kit of Contents:  150L 400L 770L
Oil/Fuel Absorbent Pad  (480mm x 420mm) 100 150 150
Oil/Fuel Absorbent Booms  (1.2m x 75mm)             2 4 10
Oil/Fuel Absorbent Booms  (3m x 75mm)               1 3 10
Oil/Fuel Absorbent Roll  (50m x 50mm) - - 1
Contaminated Waste Bags                   5 10 20
800g Tank & Drum Repair Putty         - - 2
Tyvek Overalls                                 - - 4
Splash Goggles                                 - - 4
Pair of Oil Resist Gloves                      1 2 4
Bin with Lockable Wheels                   120L 240L 660L

Product SKU Description Price Order
Hydrocarbon Spill Stations 844119 150 Litre POA
Product SKU Description Price Order
Hydrocarbon Spill Stations 844120 400 Litre POA
Product SKU Description Price Order
Hydrocarbon Spill Stations 844116 770 Litre POA

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