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Dock Eye--Safety Dock Lights

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Dock EyeTM Keeps an Eye on Dock Safety & provides twice the light of old technology lights.......  JUST WHAT THE DOCK DOOR ORDERED
New Technology lighting for truck & trailer lighting whilst loading/unloading at docks.

Light when you need it, right where you want it.
• Virtually indestructible!

• Vital for Safety!
• Visibility is remarkably improved!


Dock Eye's unique stainless steel flexible tube design withstands sudden impact, and easily adjusts to any position. Proper lighting can increase safety and minimize product and trailer damage-saving you money! Dock Eye's advanced technology illuminates the entire trailer. Its versatile multi-position flexible tube resists impact from forklifts & overhead doors. Dock Eye's computer fan cools the bulbs for extended life. The difference between old technology dock lights and Dock EyeTM is like the difference between night and day!


The 421 Halogen Dock EyeTM has a low voltage 117Watt halogen bulb with an average life of 4000 hours compared to 300 hours for a old technology incandescent bulbs. It has a special coating that retains any broken glass from a fractured bulb--ideal for food manufacturing & distribution facilities.


Upgrade kit

With the 450R240V upgrade kit the current halogen Dock EyeTM can be converted to long life LED’s. The kit includes a circular light head assembly, flex tube and conversion board – It takes only 15 minutes to install.


Now available ---- The new 450 GREEN LED (light emitting diode) Dock EyeTM.

It uses 60% less energy than a 150watt incandescent bulb & has 85,00hrs expected bulb life which more than 250 times the life of a conventional "par" incandescent bulb. Less maintenance, less bulb changes and less overall cost.

The 450 LED Dock EyeTM has LED (light emitting diode) bulbs with an average bulb life of 85,000 hours-- the right light solution for forward thinking “green” companies.  

Proper lighting saves money by increasing safety, minimizing bulb changes and product and truck damage.


Please note that due to trade mark restrictions the Dock EyeTM is branded Versa LightTM in all other countries except Australia. 





Product SKU Description Price Order
Halogen Dock Eye M421
Coated hologen bulb retains any broken glass from a fractured bulb (for food manufacturing & distribution facilities).
1900 lumens, 48 luk at back of truck.
Product SKU Description Price Order
LED Dock Eye M450
Dock light with LED bulb.
1700 lumens, 45 lux at back of truck
Product SKU Description Price Order
Upgrade Kit M450R240V Converts M421 Halogen to M50 LED. POA

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