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Flexible Spiral Conveyors

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These spiral conveyors transport powders and granules by means of an open pitch spring rotating within a flexible nylon tube, attached directly to a motor at the discharge end. The spiral action alone picks up the product and discharges it at the outlet, which may be in a different plane, horizontally or vertically, providing the run is continuous. The conveyor is designed as a modular construction so that a different layout can be achieved from the same fittings. Through a standard bolted or quick release clamp system the inlet and outlet can be connected to the 80litre hopper, or adapted to any other container process or silo. If the standard inlet is not suitable, a rectangular inlet is available as an alternative. Modular construction allows the conveyor to be suspended in a position most suited to the application. A standard hook is included which may be removed and the suspension points utilized for installation. Alternatively the outlet can be integrated with a process through the ring clamp. The alternative outlet position is blanked off but gives ready access for servicing. Ranges of ancillary items are available, including level sensors, control panels, outlet extensions, flexible sleeves, diverters, larger or special hoppers, and flameproof motors. The standard 80-litre hopper for receiving the product from the bags has a safety grill. The hopper may be fixed or mobile. Special hoppers incorporating vibrators or fluidisers may be specified.
Materials suitable are:
Char, dust, flour, grains, limestone, paint pigment, paper pulp, phosphate powder, plastic regrind, polyethylene pellets, PVC powder/granules, silica, soap powder, soda ash, starch, stockfeed and sugar.
• Conveys vertically or horizontally simultaneously
• Flexibility in installation
• Modular construction
• Total enclosed dust free conveying
• No separation of mixed product
• Product degradation, during conveying, is minimal
• Easy maintenance and cleaning
• Mild or stainless steel construction
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Product SKU Description Price Order
Flexible Spiral Conveyors CT4H3
A - 50mm
B - 361mm
C - 182mm
D - 104mm
R - 1m
L Max - 8m
Kw - 1.5
Capacity - 0.5M³/hr
Product SKU Description Price Order
Flexible Spiral Conveyors CT7H3
A - 75mm
B - 422mm
C - 218mm
D - 127mm
R - 2m
L Max - 11m
Kw - 2.2
Capacity - 1.5M³/hr

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