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Centralised Vacuum Systems

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Centralised "Constant Velocity Vacuum Systems" provide the fastest, safest and most efficient method of cleaning most large industrial spaces. Systems are adaptable to a wide range of industrial processing, assembly, packaging, warehousing and operations areas, and bulk storage operations. Centralised "Constant Velocity Vacuum Systems" pipe a powerful vacuum to various points of use, enabling cleaning to be carried out where and when required, without complications and many points can be used simultaneously. Permanent vacuum sources can be built into the system or large mobile vacuum units can be moved around sites to service various areas on demand. They are designed to maintain constant velocity over each pick-up point, regardless of the distance of the point from the blower the number of points open. Centralised "Constant Velocity Vacuum Systems" consist of a network of pipes with increasing diameters as they route closer to the destination hopper. (Diameters are increased due to both the increased flow from adjoining lines, as well as the natural losses that occur in the system.) A multi-stage, high performance turbine generates the vacuum. The energy requirement for multi-stage turbines is directly proportional to the number of points open. This means that "Constant Velocity Vacuum Systems" are very economical as the power consumed varies directly with output. The "Constant Velocity Vacuum Systems" provide companies with plant-wide solutions for a diverse range of industrial cleaning problems. They are custom designed to suit any requirements and are suitable for all types of materials including explosives. Installations range from small systems with two or three connection points to large systems servicing complete plants. We have designed and installed systems to suit applications in food processing industries, confectionery, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and many others.
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