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Pallet Inverter

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What do Pallet Inverters do?
With the move to have hygienic pallets used in the food industry this 2000kg capacity inverter unit is an invaluable & effortless aid where product would have to be normally restacked by hand. Pallet Inverters are used for the rotation of pallet loads where exchange of pallets or inversion of product is required. Without a pallet inverter it is necessary to load and unload the pallets by hand which is slow and difficult and potentially a source of worker injury. An inverter eliminates the need for manual intervention and therefore eliminates the injury risk whilst significantly increasing cycle times and productivity.
How do Pallet Inverters work?
Our pallet inverters consist of a fixed base frame with a rotating frame incorporating a clamp mechanism. The clamp is hydraulically actuated while the rotation occurs through the large precision bearing and torque boosted electric drive motor. All functions of the inverter are controlled by the on-board PLC controller and provide consistent, trouble free operation. The operator (usually the forklift driver) needs to press only one button to initiate a full cycle. Safety guards to 1, 2, or 3 sides & photo-eye light beam across opening must be supplied with these inverters. This package is available from us, as is remote control units the for forklift operator. There can be additional remotes orderd for this system. The unit rotates 180 degrees by geared motor & the clamping by hydraulics with sensors that prevent crushing of the product.

Easy to use, fast and safe.

  • Capacity - 2000kg
  • Access Dimensions - 1380x1200mm
  • Max. load height - 1800 mm
  • Min. load height - 900 mm
  • Overall height - 2660 mm (2870 at rotaion peak)
  • Cycle time - 30-40 secs
  • Power - 3 phase 415 volt¬†¬†

Full function pedestal c/w Man/Auto & Emerg. Stop to customer's specs.

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